What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Baroque Tassel Throw Blanket

Baroque Tassel Throw Blanket Wholesale at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

The temperatures are beginning to fall, especially in the evenings. As the chill in the air becomes more noticeable the idea of snuggling up with a great book, a warm drink and a nice cozy¬†blanket becomes very appealing. While we can’t provide the hot cocoa we can offer you the perfect blanket – our new Baroque Tassel Throw Blanket.

This elegant brown and taupe blanket measures a generous 52″ x 58″ and features a gorgeous all-over Baroque pattern and elegant tassels that create a look that is striking without being overpowering. This means that it will fit in seamlessly with [...] Continue Reading…

Running an Instagram Contest the Easy Way


Reaching and engaging with the millions who are making greater and greater use of mobile devices to surf the Internet is especially important to retailers right now. One way some companies are doing so very successfully is by reaching out to the via a platform that remains a mobile only one; Instagram.

One way in which brands both large and small are successfully building up their brand on the platform is via contests. As it is a social network that operates in a different way to the likes of Facebook and Twitter some business owners have yet to even try [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Multicolored Candle Lantern

Large Glass Candle Lantern at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

As the evenings grow chillier we all crave a little extra comforting warmth and a nice cozy atmosphere to come home to. One easy way to help evoke that feeling is to swap harsh electric light with candlelight when it’s time to relax. ¬†If those candles happen to be scented candles then the effect can be heightened even further. Every candle needs a great candle holder though, which is exactly what our Multicolored Candle Lantern is.

This elegant lantern is a vision crafted from the highest quality embossed glass and vintaged metal look. Each glass panel with it’s attractive swirled [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Wedding Decorating Kit


Couples planning a wedding these days tend to be looking for two important things in their wedding day decor; something rather unique and yet something rather affordable. One way to achieve this balance is to forego the store brought favors and table decorations and take a DIY approach instead. Our new Wedding Decorating Kit is offered with just those enterprising couples in mind as it contains all the supplies they will need to begin crafting some truly attractive – and ‘one off’ – wedding decorations.

Each kit contains the following; 1 glass centerpiece bowl, 1 package of white silk petals, [...] Continue Reading…

Eight Great Reasons to Consider Offering a Mobile App This Holiday Season


As businesses begin planning for their busy holiday marketing season and brainstorming a campaign that will set them apart from the rest while also offering a good ROI. Week after week articles and research studies are being published that show that the use of the mobile web is still increasing and that trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Therefore optimizing sites for mobile users is a must. Hoever, many reatilers, both large and small, are choosing to offer a mobile app as well, and for some very good reasons:

1. In 2014 more people are accessing websites of all kinds- [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Gummy Bear Silicone Ice Cube Tray


Before you know it the holiday entertaining season will be upon us (we know, time flies!) The one thing that you will need a lot of if you are a holiday or hostess this year are ice-cubes to make sure that everyone’s beverages, adult or otherwise, remain nice and cool as you intended. But why settle for boring square ice cubes when you can have Gummy Bears?

Our Gummy Bear Silicone Ice Cube Tray allows you to create eight generously sized ‘Gummy Bear Cubes’ at a time and when they are frozen through they look just like the real thing.

The [...] Continue Reading…

Duck Family Message Board


Tired of a refrigerator door covered in sticky notes and magnets? Then our new Duck Family Message Board may be a great alternative.

The Duck Family Message Board is, in essence, a shaped chalkboard, ideal for writing notes that will be quickly and easily seen by everyone. It is also however a wonderful piece of kitchen decor, adding a whimsical and attractive touch to any kitchen space instantly. The chalkboard ducks are set on a sturdy wooden base that doubles as a chalk holder which is adorned with faux leaves and pine cones, giving the piece a cool weather vibe [...] Continue Reading…

Top Tips for Choosing Business Web Design Packages


Starting a web site is complicated. There are so many factors to consider when establishing a website. There are many things that have to be put in place for a website to be successful. It can be quite overwhelming, especially for those not that well acquainted in all the intricacies of setting up a web site and who also has a business to run! One very popular option to avoid all of these hassles is to utilize all in one web design packages instead.

What are web design packages? They are several services bundled together to make creating an online [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Woodland Wonder Fireplace Screen


Summer is, sadly, pretty much over in many parts of the country and it will not be too long before the chill sets in and every homeowner’s thoughts turn to everything warm and cozy, including lighting up their fireplace.

A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, but a great screen can make it even more attractive. Our Woodland Wonder Fireplace Screen is a great example of such a screen. Decorated with a beautiful winter woodland scene featuring stylized fir trees, deer and pine cones, it makes a visually stunning addition to any home, while also providing a practical [...] Continue Reading…

Frozen Elsa Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal

Frozen Wall Decal

Elsa, Snow Queen of Arendelle, captured the hearts of moviegoers young and old who saw the Disney movie Frozen this year. Now fans of the ice maiden can bring her right into their own homes with our new Frozen Elsa Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal.

This wonderfully detailed, almost life sized wall decal and the smaller accents offer the perfect way to perform an instant ‘makeover’ on any Frozen fan’s room without causing permanent marks, damage or creating a mess. Beautifully rendered on durable peel and stick vinyl, all of the decal can be repositioned or removed at will.

The [...] Continue Reading…