Wholesale Product Showcase – Jaws Bottle Opener


Looking for something different and rather unique for your home bar, or for your next party? Then look no further than our Jaws Bottle Opener, a rather neat take on Steven Spielberg’s iconic monster from the deep, Bruce the Shark.

Crafted from high quality stainless steel and fully functional as a bottle opener ‘Bruce’ will happily sink his teeth into anything you ask him to (although your guests are a bad idea..) He comes in his own branded display box, fashioned after the typography from the original movie posters and measures 6″ long.

Our Jaws Bottle Opener would also make a [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Family Tree Photo Decor

Family Tree Photo Décor Wholesale at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

Everyone is familiar with the concept of tracing their family tree but thanks to our new Family Tree Photo Decor, it can now be prominently displayed as an attractive piece of home decor as well.

This piece is fashioned, appropriately enough, after a majestic oak tree. Generously sized and ornate, this metal sculpture is designed to hold five great family pictures at the end of each of its branches, creating a visual family tree that will decorate an entire expanse of wall.

The Family Tree Photo Decor is finished in an attractive bronze color and features the word ‘Family’ at its [...] Continue Reading…

Three Big Facebook Mistakes Small Businesses are Still Making – Are You?


It has now been several years since most businesses, large and small, began to discover the power of social media for marketing purposes, especially that of Facebook. Despite the fact that Facebook, and its rules and practices, has changed a great deal in that time, it remains the number one social network by far and still offers some great marketing and engagement potential when a business account is managed and maintained in the right way.

Unfortunately, a great many businesses are still not quite making the most of their Facebook page and some are making some basic mistakes that should [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Ornate Hanging Candle Lamp

Ornate Hanging Candle Lamp at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

There is nothing quite like illuminating a space – indoors or out – with the soft glow of candlelight. Flattering and warm candlelight can create an instantly calming and serene atmosphere that is perfect for those relaxing evenings at home. That beauty can be enhanced even further though with the right candle lamps, and our Ornate Hanging Candle Lamp is certainly a great example of that.

Attractively adorned with silver filigree ornaments, this hanging lamp features a high quality glass candle cup rimmed with a silver leaf stripe. Simply add the candle of your choice, hang from the sturdy ‘S’ [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Dr Whooves My Little Pony Vinyl Collectible

My Little Pony Dr  Whooves Vinyl Figure Wholesale at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

What do you get when you combine two iconic pop culture icons to create one great wholesale gift? Our new Dr Whooves My Little Pony Vinyl Collectible.

My Little Pony has been a fixture in the toy market since the early 1980′s and the sci-fi classic Doctor Who has been on television for over 50 years, so the combination of the two is quite significant. This collector’s edition My Little Pony is modeled after the crusading time traveler, stands 4½” x 2″ x 6″ high and comes in their own special collector’s box. This special edition pony is a must [...] Continue Reading…

Which Social Networks Really Help Small Businesses?


With so many different social networks vying for the public’s attention right now it can be increasingly hard for a small business – especially a retail business – to figure out just where they should be concentrating their marketing efforts. Are Facebook fans or Twitter followers more important? How about Linkedin connections and Google + circles?

The fact is that different popular social networks offer different benefits – and drawbacks – and some are better suited to certain types of businesses than others. Here are some of the basics:

Facebook – Facebook still reigns supreme as the largest social networking site [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Railway Candle Lantern Lamps

Blue Railway Candle Lantern Lamp Wholesale at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

How would you like to add both an extra pop of color or two and some great ambient light to your outdoor space? Then our Railway Candle Lantern Lamps are a perfect way to do just that. Bright and colorful, these clever candle lanterns will make a great addition to your porch, patio or yard and are so affordable you can pick up more than one to create a coordinated lighting scheme that won’t cost you a penny in electricity.

Each lamp measures 3″ x 3 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ high, features a convenient handle for easy hanging and an [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Star Wars Jedi Fleece Bathrobe


Star Wars mania has never really faded, million of diehard fans made sure of that, even though it has been assumed the movie series was over. However, with the news that Star Wars: Episode VII is being filmed and that Luke, Leia and Han Solo are all back has the interest in Star Wars everything at a new high.

Now while you may have always dreamed of becoming a Jedi there is, sadly, little chance of that happening. You can however look the part, in the comfort of your own home with our new Star Wars Jedi Fleece Bathrobe.

This soft [...] Continue Reading…

The 2014 Ultimate Guide to Social Image Resizing


Keeping up with all of your business social media accounts can be more than a little time consuming but, in the end, something of a necessary evil in terms of brand marketing. So there is nothing more frustrating than having put aside time to create, post and schedule all of those updates and give your account profiles a bit of a summer makeover, then discovering that the great images you have chosen no longer meet a particular social network’s size requirements.

As the major social networks have developed they have all regularly changed both the profile and posting requirements for [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Summertide Art Glass Vase

Summertide Art Glass Vase at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

Looking for a way to add a touch of warmth and summer color to your home decor all year round? Or for a new focal piece for your overall decor scheme? Then our Summertide Art Glass Vase is definitely a piece you should see.

Whether it is used as a standalone decor piece or put to a more practical use and filled with lovely summer blooms, this gorgeous vase is certainly a showstopper. Made from high quality art glass and hand crafted for a unique look the Summertide Art Glass Vase is a vision in dazzling shades of blue, yellow, [...] Continue Reading…