Mobile Apps for Small Businesses – A Great Idea, But Can You Afford One?


A customized mobile app for a business is one of the most effective, and affordable, ways to reach your customers available right now. Once a customer chooses to download your app it stays with them, right there on their phone. It’s like a small billboard that your customer will likely see every time they scroll through the apps on their mobile device reminding them about your business and the products and services it offers every time they do.

But there is far more to a mobile app for business than that. Push notifications can inform people about sales and specials [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Practical Gifts for Mom for Mother’s Day

PicMonkey Collage

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and while flowers and chocolates are very nice they are neither long lasting or very practical. As Mom’s tend to think more about others than themselves Mother’s Day can be a great time to treat your Mom to something that is a little more useful that she will still love and right now at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors we have some great wholesale gift choices that would fit the bill perfectly.

To give Moms the chance to pamper themselves a little, our Spa in Basket is a wonderful choice. Filled with pampering products such [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Flower Top Jar

Flower Top Jar Wholesale at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

Storage jars are certainly some of the most useful things you can have handy around the house. Versatile and practical they can be put to 101 (or more) different uses. Practical does not have to mean unattractive though, as our new Flower Top Jar demonstrates perfectly.

This beautiful generously sized glass jar – it measures 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 6 1/8″ high – and is topped with an ivory porcelain lid that features gorgeous flowers and also boasts a decorative stopper that hangs below. Display it as a stand alone decor piece or put it to a more [...] Continue Reading…

Delegating 101 for the Small Business Owner


For a handful of small business owners, delegation comes easily and naturally. For the vast majority though, the idea of letting someone get their hands on any part of their new business baby is a terrifying one.

However, if you want your business to flourish and grow there quickly comes a time when you are just simply going to have to let someone else shoulder some of the burden. Here are some tips for delegating without driving yourself to despair:

Pick the Best People – This means giving work to people who actually deliver, not to those who are the least [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Light Up Lily Pond Fountain

orchid fountain

A water feature can be a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, whether it is used to adorn a lawn, a patio or even a deck. Our Light Up Lily Pond Fountain is one of the most attractive we have come across in a while.

Standing in their own ‘pot’ beautiful flowers and birds make for a stunning aquatic dance that is illuminated by glowing lights and accented by the gently cascading water. Bright, colorful and beautifully detailed the Light Up Lily Pond Fountain stands 15 3/8″ diameter x 30″ high and comes with a submersible pump that installs quickly [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Faux Leather Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Did you know that April 23 is Administrative Professionals Day? Instead of sending the usual flowers or gift certificate why not show your appreciation of your support staff with our new Faux Leather Desk Organizer?

This elegant black office storage solution would make a great addition to any desk. It features several storage compartments, including a lidded privacy compartment and a very handy pull out drawer. The organizer measures 9 7/8″ x 9 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ high and is crafted from high quality, durable vinyl and plastic.

Buy the Faux Leather Desk Organizer wholesale at

4 Small Business SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

SEO Mistakes

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is a concept that stresses many business owners out (this includes large businesses as well as small). However, in a world where most people begin a search for ANYTHING on line it is a ‘necessary evil’. Although everyone’s SEO needs and plans are different there are some basic mistakes that anyone can make that could derail any Search Engine Optimization plan.

Insufficient or Poorly Executed Keyword Analysis

If you have never performed a serious keyword analysis or if you don’t have a keyword strategy then you really don’t have the foundation for your SEO efforts [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Showcase – Double Hammock

Double Hammock

Kicking back in the backyard on a sunny afternoon with a book and a nice cool drink, or spending an evening staring at the stars are two great pleasures of summer. These pleasures are more than doubled if you add our Double Hammock to your garden!

This generously sized, durable, built for two, hammock is sized at 54″ x 140″ long. Crafted from eco-friendly cotton rope, it boasts a sturdy wooden frame and metal hanging hooks so that the hammock can be easily suspended. Enhance your summer with this useful piece of outdoor home decor!

Buy the Double Hammock wholesale at

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Primary Red Watch

Primary Red Watch Wholesale at Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors

Looking for some elegant and colorful accessories to enhance your new spring wardrobe? Then we have just the thing! Our new Primary Red Watch is an elegant timepiece that is as colorful as the spring itself and will add a shot of interest to any outfit while still serving a very practical purpose.

The watch features an art gallery inspired face that sports stunning green, red, and blue accents set around a bright white watch face. The striking red strap finishes the piece perfectly.

The Primary Red Watch features an adjustable leather strap, a stainless steel back and a super accurate [...] Continue Reading…

Why a Business Credit Card is a Great Idea for a Small Business

There are number of very good reasons that, even as a small business owner, you should be using a business credit card to cover company expenses, instead of putting them on your personal plastic. Here are just a few of them.

Make Your Accountant’s Life Easier

If you are a business owner of a company of any size, your accountant or financial advisor will have told you, possibly more than once or twice, about just how important it is to keep business and personal expenses separate. However, the temptation to cover an unexpected business expense by charging it to your personal [...] Continue Reading…