Wholesale Product Showcase – Woodland Wonder Fireplace Screen


Summer is, sadly, pretty much over in many parts of the country and it will not be too long before the chill sets in and every homeowner’s thoughts turn to everything warm and cozy, including lighting up their fireplace.

A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, but a great screen can make it even more attractive. Our Woodland Wonder Fireplace Screen is a great example of such a screen. Decorated with a beautiful winter woodland scene featuring stylized fir trees, deer and pine cones, it makes a visually stunning addition to any home, while also providing a practical [...] Continue Reading…

Frozen Elsa Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal

Frozen Wall Decal

Elsa, Snow Queen of Arendelle, captured the hearts of moviegoers young and old who saw the Disney movie Frozen this year. Now fans of the ice maiden can bring her right into their own homes with our new Frozen Elsa Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal.

This wonderfully detailed, almost life sized wall decal and the smaller accents offer the perfect way to perform an instant ‘makeover’ on any Frozen fan’s room without causing permanent marks, damage or creating a mess. Beautifully rendered on durable peel and stick vinyl, all of the decal can be repositioned or removed at will.

The [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Scented Mason Jar Candles


Everyone wants a great smelling home, and if the products they use to help achieve that can also add to the mood and ambiance of the space all the better. Spray air fresheners are a quick fix. Many of them do indeed smell great, but the fragrance lasts for a few minutes at best and spraying all of those chemicals into the air is not exactly the best thing for the air quality in a home.

A great alternative, one that is long lasting and also adds to the overall decor in a home, is a scented candle or two. [...] Continue Reading…

How Can I Increase My Visibility on YouTube?


Anyone can post on YouTube, and most of its users take advantage of its ease of use to post videos on almost any subject. So one may ask, as a retailer who has been advised that video should be a part of your overall marketing plan, how do you raise your rankings and visibility in a YouTube search with so many different videos already out there? This is absolutely essential to businesses because the higher your rank in a YouTube search, the more likely you’ll show up in the Google search as well.

With a Compelling Title

Choose a relevant title [...] Continue Reading…

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Pet Snack Launcher


The media are constantly reporting about the problem with human obesity that seems almost epidemic these days, but there is also a problem with another large sector of the population; our dogs.

Busy owners, lacking the time to exercise their pets as much as they perhaps need, coupled with the additives that are in many pet foods mean that they are gaining weight too. Our Pet Treat Launcher can be an answer to the problem of both your dog not getting enough exercise and playtime, while also offering their owners a little extra exercise as well.

The Treat Launcher is designed [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Cosmopolitan Tote Bag


The approach of Fall (yes it’s coming, sadly) does mean that you have a great excuse to go out and do a a little shopping to refresh your wardrobe for the coming season. But a great wardrobe is about more than just stylish and fashionable clothes; you need versatile and stylish accessories as well, and our new Cosmopolitan Tote Bag is a great example of such a piece.

The Cosmopolitan Tote bag is a goes with anything, roomy affair that features black leatherette construction, silver stud detailing, fashion forward zippers and a generously sized, detachable shoulder strap.

The tote measures 17½” [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Waffle Maker


There are certain small appliances that really are essentials if you want to be able to boast that yours is a fully stocked kitchen. Chances are that you have many of them; a toaster, a coffee maker, maybe even a toaster oven. Adding our newly arrived Waffle Maker will help make your kitchen tool line up truly complete.

Easy to use and easy to clean, our Waffle Maker allows you to whip up batch after batch of perfect, fresh waffles in minutes. This means no more soggy, half warmed frozen waffles, only golden, crispy treats that can be enjoyed at anytime [...] Continue Reading…

Reaching Customers on the Go with SMS Marketing


Probably the last thing you want to hear about is yet another way you should be considering using to market to your customers and potential customers. No doubt your hands are already rather full, watching over SEO, keeping track of your social media marketing plan, and making sure that your are keeping a website that is up to date and optimized according to all of the latest search engine requirements.

SMS marketing is targeting something of a different audience though, and a section of your customer base that it is expanding every day, whatever type of business you run, those [...] Continue Reading…

What’s New at Eastwind Gifts – Dancing Sunflower Windmill

dancing sunflower windmill

Truly effective landscaping is comprised of several different components, and not all of them necessarily have to be ‘natural’ in order for them to enhance their surroundings. Water features and ornamental statues have been used by landscapers for centuries to enhance outdoor spaces and often to great effect. Sometimes though, adding a piece to your outdoor space that is attractive but a little out of the norm can be a refreshing and effective idea. Our new Dancing Sunflower Windmill is just such a piece.

Standing as tall as a real sunflower at seven feet, this colorful, stylized interpretation of one [...] Continue Reading…

How – and Why – Retailers Should be Making Better Use of Twitter


With the planned introduction of ‘buy buttons’ that retailers can embed into Tweets seemingly on the near horizon it is becoming more and more obvious that retail businesses who currently focus most on Facebook and Pinterest and see Twitter as something of an afterthought may want to think again.

The one thing that often confuses retailers about Twitter is just what should they post? 140 characters is rather restrictive and most business owners know by now that posting exactly the same things across social networks is of little value. So just what is Twitter best used for? Here are just [...] Continue Reading…